Unoffical Open Beta Guide

Last Updated: Thursday, July 20, 2023 14:31:24 (UTC)

Frequently Asked Questions & Basic Info

Basic Info

Mining & Upgrades


Officers & Research

Strikes & Destroyers

Weapons and Aggro Issues

Basic Info

Don't have the resources for a interceptor / stuck on chapter 5 "a Black Eye"

The arrow that points you to objectives has a chance to bug out at times. During quests that requires you to construct units which you don't have resources for seems to be a common issue.

Try to construct a lower tier unit instead. For example, chapter 5 a Black Eye, you need to construct a T0 interceptor. But the arrow points you towards a T1 interceptor instead. Read your objective carefully and ignore the arrows.

What Kiithid / faction should I choose?

With the current game balance, all kiithid are a viable choice. The buff and debuffs you get from them are minimal, so choose which group you like the most lore or colour scheme wise

Same can be said for the weapons and units, the balance right now is pretty solid so dont be afraid to pick whatever you want

I can't access a specific game feature / I had access to something but now it's locked?

The main quest now has certain unlocks for gameplay element like fabrication, liaisons, hyperspace jumps and other systems. The list below shows what chapter and quest unlocks these features:

Chapter 1 - Local Currency, unlocks the fabricator

Chapter 4 - Bridge, unlocks the shipyard

Chapter 6 - Delver, unlocks Kiith selection

Chapter 6 - Blood Ties, unlocks name change, unlocks chat

Chapter 6 - Declaration, unlocks T1 Hyperspace jump research

Chapter 7 - New Minerals, unlocks the refinery

Chapter 12 - Hostile History, unlocks external modules

Chapter 15 - Iyatequa Business, unlocks research

Chapter 16 - Laboratories, unlocks T2 Hyperspace jump research

Chapter 17 - Cangacian Attacks, unlocks T2 Interceptor schematics / research

Chapter 19 - Lazarus Repairs, unlocks T2 Assault frigate schematics / research

Chapter 19 - Ore deal, unlocks Resources Controller T1

Chapter 20 - Escort ships T2, unlocks the liaison office

Chapter 22 - Flagship T2, unlocks T2 Capital mass driver schematics / research

Chapter 23 - Fabricator module, unlocks internal modules

Chapter 23 - Temple Tonaati, unlocks T3 Hyperspace jump research

I can't make escorts or flagships / I can't collect escorts or flagships?

Large units (escorts and flagships), need to be made at a shipyard. Shipyards are located at Trade stations, outpost do not have them. Check the system page to find which system has a trade station.

I can't jump to a specific system / how do I get more hyperspace jump strength?

Some systems, mostly those of a higher tier, have a minimum requirement of hyperspace jump strength to enter said system. You can get this buy upgrading your engine to a higher lvl, or construction a higher tier flagship.

What are tiers / where to find Tx loot?

In the current version, there are four tiers, tier 0 (T0) tier 1 (T1), tier 2 (T2) and tier 3 (T3). These are marked with Roman numerals (so T0 is 0, T1 I, T2 II, T3 III). Every item, location, enemy and mission has a designated tier to it.

If you're looking for a certain tier item (lets say T2 ores), you'll find it in a tier 2 system, marked with II (so for example Bishaan Tel II). If a mission requires you to build a T2 interceptor, look for the II on the top right of the blueprint.

Where can I find large Weapons / Hull / Machinery parts blueprint?

Since the introduction of requisitions, the different blueprints can be found in the requisitions stores of the different factions. Large weapon parts blueprints can be found from the Tanoch stations (Stations in the yellow zone, Tecoalte for example).

Large hull parts blueprints can be found from the Yaot stations (Stations in the green zone, Saami Ra for example) and the large machinery blueprints can be found from the Iyatequa stations (the zone in the brownish colour zone, Edowana for example).

My game crashed after buying IRL purchases / I don't see my bought packs?

You'll find the bought items in your ships storage (internal view -> storage). If this is not the case, double check if you see the 'sold out' tag on packs.

If this tag is not present, then you might want to try a different payment method (if money has been withdrawn, the playstore will refund you in a 24h timespan). If this is present but you still don't have the items (after a reset)? Make a ticket in the #bug-report channel.

I can't progress the main quest anymore / main quest missions are too hard?

The main quest is not meant to be progressed or rushed with back to back missions. If you feel like your fleet is too weak, take a bit of time off to mine and complete other missions to get stronger before attempting the main mission again.

Without spoilers, once you reach the 'Temple Tonaati' mission, you'll notice a big difficulty spike. Make sure your fleet is strong enough and / or be ready to jump out when the battle is not in your favor. Also, stock up on armour damage for a certain reason. ;)

My camera is stuck / can't pan my camera anymore?

Sometimes during extended sessions, your camera can become stuck. There are two ways to fix it:

  1. Jump to a node within a system (trade station to an asteroid belt for example) and rapidly press the top right and bottom left of the screen. This should unstuck your camera (the longer the distance, the better the chances).
  2. Is the good old 'have you tried turning it off and on again' approach. This will instantly fix the camera issue.

Where can I scan something / where to find the scan button?

In your system overview (On the top right, the 3rd button from the right) you can scan missions and locations. Press the scan button on the button left to start send your first ever ping across the system.

Mining & Upgrades

Can I mine without being attacked / Any tips for mining?

Yes and no. By completing a scannable mission or a strike, you can stay in that instance and mine the asteroids that are present there. But the mining yield of those asteroid are abysmal because of its low purity.

"To increase your mining yield, you need to scan down an asteroid belt (marked with a triangle on the map, check the System list tab). Those asteroids have 10x the purity then those in missions. But you'll be attack by pirates when you stay long enough in that instance. And most belts will have continuously spawns".

You can ask in global chat for help whilst mining, players tend to farm those pirate spawns so whilst you are safly mining away, another player can take care of the pirates for you.

Popular mining systems are: Toasiim for T0, Devadaasi for T1, Marat Kan for T2 and Tibara for T3

My scanner does not work / button is greyed out?

Scanning something down can be a bit difficult depending on your sensors array. Spamming the scan button does work if you for example have a T1 sensors array and you want to scan down a T2 site.

If your scan button grey's out and is no longer press able, then you've encountered a known bug. A fix for this is to restart your game client.

To upgrade your sensors array, you can use RE to lvl it up, get a higher tier sensors array or fit in a high aerospace stat officer into your sensors room.

Do asteroids deplete / how long can I mine them?

Asteroid do not deplete. So keep shooting rocks to your hearts content!

Where can I find D type ore? Asteroid identification

Every ore type can be found in every belt. When going into a scanned asteroid belt, you'll see a ore type that is focused in the system map. This only decides the Majority of the asteroids present but not all. The 4 asteroid types have distinct looks, with D type being capped on a lower purity then the other types.

A type has reddish looks to them, B type is silvery, C type is green and orange whilst D type is completely brown, and is faded on the sensors manager compared to the other types.

Where can I find RE / Which asteroid type gives the most RE?

RE is a side-product from mining asteroids, and can be dropped from strike loot and progenitor salvage. But mining asteroids will be your main source.

After numerous tests, the RE drop rate don't seem to differ from the different types. The most important thing is the asteroid's purity, which decides the drop quantity of RE.

Aside from mining, there are also options in the market to get RE's from each tiers. If you're planning to play for a long time, I recommend you to buy the T3 cache as early as you can since the drop rate is really low when mining.

Where can I find a specific RE / What RE's do I need?

Each tier has its own RE's. If you're looking to upgrade a T1 weapon, you'll need to find yourself T1 RE's.

Currently the following RE's are in the game in order of rarity: T1: Sc, Yy (both needed for weapons and utilities) T2: La (Weapons and utilities), Ce (Weapons), Pr (Utilities). T3: Nd (Utilities), Pm (Weapons), Sm (Weapons), Eu (Utilities)

Where can I find T0 M ores?

T0M ores are only found in T0 systems, check out the system pages for which systems have asteroid belts.

My collectors are dropping off ores to another player / how many resource collectors do I need?

A players' flagship and resource controllers get a drop off point for resource collectors. When your collectors are mining close to the fleet of another player, they will try to drop off their ores into their drop off point. When collectors do this, the ores they mine will be yours, the reverse can also happen when another players collectors drop off into your drop off point. Rule of thumb is that whatever YOUR collectors mine will be YOURS, THEIR collectors ores will be THEIRS.

Currently a instance have a maximum cap for mining units (collectors and controllers). If there are 10 units present, other players can't deploy their own. So in general if you are mining with other players, keep in mind to evenly split the mining units.

Testing shows that collectors will only drop off their ores one at the time, excluding the amount of drop off points available. Meaning that if you have 2 controllers active, the collectors at controller B will wait until the drop off at controller A is finished.

So TLDR; if you are mining in a group, 1 controller and 4 collectors is a good mix so other players can deploy units as well (reduce units if more players want to mine). If solo, deploy as many units as you want.

How do I earn credits / adamant?

Credits can be earned by various activities in the game, but there are methods that really help.

Early on, you can mine T0 resources, make T0 interceptors and sell those on the market. This is currently a very fast and easy way to earn some credits early on.

When you unlock T2 small components, make and sell those instead of the T0 interceptors. This will net you more credits.

Currently the fastest method to earn some credits, is by selling officer insignias. This will drop from all content and enemy salvage. Doing strikes is the most efficient, but any content will do.


Building parts & component requirements

When you start building your first T2 gear, you will notice that it takes multiple components. You can find where to get the blueprints for the components on the tab 'Intermediate Products'.

Every 'order' you build, is 25 parts. This is for both small and large parts. So if you're building 10 small hull part orders, after the order is done, you get 250 parts in your inventory

Where can I find xyz blueprint?

See the tabs above this page. "Ships" shows you the location of all flagships, escorts and strike craft. "Modules" shows you the location of various flagship specific gear

What are Spoils of battle / Token of gratitude, and where can I find them?

In older game versions, scan missions used to give you loot called Spoils of battle or Token of gratitude depending on the missions type. Now since recent changes, loot is auto opened once you complete a mission.

Whilst selecting a scannable mission, you see a preview of the reward you will get for completing it. If it's a grey cache (that has the same icon as the recruitment token in the market), that mission will give a Spoils of battle.

If the mission shows a coloured cache (depends on what tier mission it is, looks similar to the 'daily' prefixed caches in the market), then that mission will give a Token of gratitude.

On a side-note, if the preview of a mission doesn't show either, just credits, that is called an epic signal mission. Read the farming page for more info on that

What is the difference between a T1 and a T2 resource collectors?

Resource collectors have hidden stats. Higher tier collectors can mine higher tier ores faster. They also have more speed and repair more hull and armour per repair tick.

What are Elite or Advanced items?

In older game versions, rarity items used to have a prefix before their name. This has been removed in favor of a coloured variants in the unit icons. Rare was Elite item and Uncommon was Advanced items.

For example, the T3 rare destroyer was called a 'T3 Elite destroyer', or 'EDD' for short. Some of the older players still use these terms in chat, so don't be alarmed that you are missing out.

Which is better, x or y?

All flagships, escorts, strike craft and weapons have their pro and cons. It's up to you to look for a build that you like, or find what you need within your fleet.

Officers & Research

Where can I find officers? What do the stats / perks do?

Most content in the game has a chance to drop officers. Scannable missions - token of gratitude, liaison rewards, strikes, weekly missions and salvage from enemies drop officers.

There are also daily / weekly purchasable officers in the market. With the daily on costing credits and weekly ones costing adamant.

For info on what officers do, see the tab 'Officers List & explanation' in this document (starts at E2). Note that officer with active abilites are quite rare, but still drop from the same locations as the other officers.

Officer Cryopods have a chance to give you a higher rarity then the rarity of the item, with chances increasing with a higher rarity pod (So a common pod has a lower chance to drop an epic as to a rare pod).

Cryopod Level Up Rewards are structured so that every 50 levels, a uncommon crypod drops, at 250 levels, the minimum rarity is Rare, and on the 1250 level mark, the minimum is Epic.

Should I level up my officers / can I sell my insignias?

Yes and no, in the early game leveling up your officers will be way to costly for its benefit. Use the credits for other upgrades like blueprints from the market. Although you will need the credits early on, you will need a ton of insignia's to upgrade your officers. After you have bought all the blueprints you need, it might be wise to save those insignia's for later use.

How do you get Research points (RP)?

Research points are automatically generated in your research lab. Go to your internal view -> research. In there you can see a number on the left stating xxx RP available. Press that to collect it.

Note that you can't collect RP when you're researching something. RP will still be generated on the background but can only be collected after the research upgrade is done and the slot is free.

By switching loadouts, accumulated RP will be automatically collected. You can use this to collect RP whilst you are currently researching something.

The (base) generation rate for RP is 50 per hour. With a (base) cap of 200 (so 4 hours before you reach your cap).

How do I get more research?

Research is divided in three branches, a middle path - which is your main source of research. A top path that unlocks new units and gear and a bottom path that has mostly stat upgrades.

The middle path only needs you to research the previous upgrades. For T2, you need to have 2 levels into the previous upgrade. For T3m it is 3 lvls. The top and bottom paths however, needs you to find various schematics in missions.

Schematics can be found in Liaisons, strikes and scannable missions. Each mission type have a different loot-table so to collector all research, you have to do all three types.

What do the different research upgrades do / what is the complete research list?

Research is based on a research tree, with a main middle path, and branches to the top and bottom. The middle path unlocks basic gear and stat upgrades, whilst the top mostly has unlocks for more uncommon types of gear and the bottom path has mostly stat upgrades for different gear buffs. Aside from upgrades in the middle path, you will need to find certain Schematics to unlock upgrade from the top and bottom paths.

Hyperspace- middle

Mining- middle

Mining- top

Mining- Bottom

Strike craft- middle

Strike craft- top

Strike craft- bottom

Escort- middle

Escorts- top

Escorts- bottom

Weapons- middle

Weapons- top

Weapons- bottom

Strikes & Destroyers

How do I find strikes / join strikes?

The most stable way to do strikes in a group, is using the lobby system. Clicking on your current objective, or going into your internal view -> assignments-> red button / bottom button.

Now in the strike tab, you can see several strike. When clicking on one you see a join button. When pressing that, you open a lobby or join an existing one.

Depending on how many people are active, just sitting in a lobby will most likely not help to find yourself new people, so global chat or the #strike-lobby channel on discord is the way to go.

In global chat, you'll see players posting things like 'SDT2 open' or 'PHT2 up'. These are acronyms for what strikes people are doing for what tier.

PH = Pirate hideout, SD = Station defense, PR = Pahra's Rock.

I'm not seeing certain strike, missing strikes?

Some strikes are locked behind the main story quests. If you're missing certain strikes that other players do have, progress through the main quest line.

In this current version, the following strikes are availble: Pirate hideout (T1), Station defense (T2), Pahra's Rock (T2), Pirate hideout Heroic (T2), Station defense Heroic (T3) and Pahra's Rock Heroic (T3)

I cannot join strikes / infinite circle when joining a strike

There is currently a bug that prevents people from making lobbies and sometimes even joining someones lobby. To access strikes, you need access to the chat (if you see a locked symbol, it means you won't have access to strikes).

The Best method to get chat to work again, is to keep restarting until this lock is gone.

I've built a destroyer, but can't find it anywhere

Destroyers take up 2 escort slots for fielding one. So if you are either running a T1 flagship, or already have an escort equipped in a T2/3 flagship, you don't see it in your escort roster

Which is stronger, a destroyer or 2x frigates?

Both units serve a different purpose. The destroyer is mainly a tank, and has an impressive armour and hull pool. But its damage is lower than 2 frigates of the same tier and rarity.

So it depends what your fleet needs, do you need a tank or do you want more dps?

I'm new to strikes, what should I do?

On the tab 'Strike guide' you can find info on the different strikes, tactics used, loadouts recommended and a guide on how to do them solo.

Weapons and Aggro Issues

My weapon dont seem to fire / animations are broken?

Weapon animations can be a bit wacky at times, weapons can have 10x the ordnance then normal. As long as you still do damage, then it's just a graphical problem.

If your weapons don't seem to do damage, it might be that your flagship or units are targeting an enemy that is outside of your weapon range. Re-target an enemy within your range to start blasting again

My flagship is being targeted down, what is happening?

Normally the enemy AI will target the first unit they see in their range, and switch between targets ever so often. But there is an issue with repair modules and repairing in general.

If you have a repair module equipped on your flagship and you are repairing a unit, enemies will instantly target you down. Same happens to collectors who repair units mid fight. This can be a death sentence for strike and higher tier content.

Unless you're trying to tank a strike, its advised to un-equip repair turrets before going into them. This way the enemies will spread damage across the fleets of all players present.