Unoffical Open Beta Guide

Last Updated: Thursday, July 20, 2023 14:31:24 (UTC)



Pirate hideout (PHT1)

Objectives and spawns

Pirate hideout is the first strike available to daring new commanders. In this strike you are tasked with destroying the pirate base (marked with O) and the surrounding turrets (marked with the hexagons). After these two targets are destroyed, the boss wave will spawn (marked with B) and patrol between its spawn point and near the end of the now destroyed base (marked with the red line). The player group will spawn at the green square.

In this strike there are four spawning points that will keep spawning enemies until both the base and turrets are destroyed. These are the frigate spawns at 135° segment, two corvette spawn points near 270° and an interceptor spawn point near 225°.


The two major threats in this strike are the turrets and frigates, the strike craft don't deal that much damage and the base itself is unarmed. By following the blue line to the different turrets groups (Marked with 1, 2, 3) assures you for the quickest route and range between the different groups. If a frigate is closing in on your fleet, focus it down since it deals a great amount of damage. After the turrets are gone, focus the base down (point 4) whilst protecting yourself against the frigate spawns. When the base is down the spawns will stop, and you will be able to clear the remaining enemies.

After the base and turrets are gone. The 'boss' wave will spawn, this consists of 2 frigates and a command ship. This group will patrol from its spawn point to the end of the base (marked with the red line). This is a perfect opportunity for your fleet to conduct repairs, move outside of the range of this patrol and repair till you're strong enough to engage the enemy fleet. The pirate frigates are quite soft but deal a lot of damage, the command ship on the other hand has a lot of health. Focus down the frigates first to remove some dps off the playing field and destroy the last ship to complete the strike!

Lastly there is a purple line to goes to a spot near the frigate spawn point. This is a perfect location for farming xp and T1 insignia's. This spot will allow you to immediately attack the spawning frigate, and stay well outside the range of the turrets. The interceptors and corvettes will try to attack you on this spot but that only allows you to get more xp and salvage. This method is great for power leveling, in which you get a ton of lvl-up rewards including credits and adamant premium currency.

Solo clearing

As described in 'Recommendations and gear', this strike doesn't require much in the way of gear. Within a day of playing you will be able to solo the pirate hideout. No special tactics are needed, but it'll of course take more time to complete then within a group. Both on destroying the enemy and eventual repairs needed before attacking the boss wave.

Pirate hideout Heroic (PHT2)

PHT2 Objectives & spawns

Welcome to what will probably be your first Heroic strike. As of the three current strikes, Heroics don't add in extra mechanics as you might be used to in other MMO 'hardmodes'. PHT2 is basically a difficulty hike of the normal strike, you have more turrets that deal way more damage, the spawning locations will spawn bigger groups of enemies and the boss wave is also a lot larger. On top of this, all enemies present will be a tier higher, clocking in at T2 instead of T1 in the normal strike. The objectives and spawning locations however, are the same as the normal mode. Your objective is to destroy the defensive turrets, base and boss wave.

PHT2 Tactics

As you might have noticed from the lack of changes in the images, the tactics are unchanged compared the PHT1. Although one thing is abundantly clear, that is the amount of additional enemies that spawn in the strike compared to the previous one. If you don't find a way to deal with them then you can say goodbye to your armour and hull in no time. Do bring in some decent anti-strike craft units or weapons to clear the waves. Next up will be the additional turrets, each group now has an extra turret to them. The difference between the T1 and T2 turrets is quite large, both in the tank and damage department. Don't underestimate the additional firepower on the field and make sure you have a good distance between group 1 and group 3 so you don't get targeted by all turrets.

PHT2 can technically be farmed, but you will need a high-end T3 loadout to make it worthwhile. If you're looking for a xp farm, PHT1 will be your preferred strike.

PHT2 Solo clearing

For solo clearing, the same tactics as PHT1 can be used. Just be aware that there will be way more enemies in the field for you to deal with so you might want to rush the turrets and base (whilst destroying the frigates) as soon as you can so these little buggers stop spawning. Other than that the boss wave is quite large. You can try to snipe of a portion of this fleet by skirting just inside the sensor range of the ships flying on the outside of the formation. This way you can lure a few away from the group and destroy them in relative safety.

Station defense (SDT2)

SDT2 Objecitves & spawns

Station defense, as the name states, tasks you to defend the station located in the middle of the map. There will be four hyperspace beacons to the stations sides that will get hijacked by pirates and acts as their spawning points. Pirates spawning from these beacons will move to engage the allied npc forces guarding the station, and attack the station itself. Your objectives is to prevent the station from being destroyed and destroy the hostile hyperspace beacons. After all four beacons are destroyed, the boss wave will spawn near the top of the map (at 0° point) and move to destroy the station. The player group will spawn at the green square.

SDT2 Tactics

Depending on the amount of players in the group, your best tactic is to split up and attack a beacon on your own. Focus this down and ignore the spawning enemies, they don't have enough armour damage to really hurt your fleet or the station itself. So if you're with 4 players, move to a beacon closet to your spawning point and focus it down. If you are in a two-man group, a player can take beacons 3 & 1, whilst the other takes beacons 4 & 2.

After the beacons are destroyed, the boss wave (Marked with B) will spawn a distance away from the station. This fleet consist of multiple frigates and commandships. If they reach the station unopposed, they will quickly destroy it. After the last beacon is destroyed, it's advised to move directly to the 'north' of the station to engage this fleet. Once again target down the frigates first to remove the dps from the hostile fleet and save the commandships until all frigates are destroyed. There is very little time for repairs unless you leave a single beacon open, and move well outside the enemies that will spawn and attack the station for repairs. If you manage to beat the boss wave, the strike will be completed and you'll be some T2 loot richer.

SDT2 Solo clearing

As described above, you're racing against the clock. It might be necessary for you to send one of your escorts (preferably a T2 assault frigate or destroyer) to guard the station, so it can stall for the rest of your fleet destroy the beacons. If you notice that your fleet is taken too much damage to deal with the boss wave, you can leave one beacon untouched. This way the boss wave won't spawn and you'll be able to make some repairs. Make sure that the station has enough health to tank the remaining enemies before you do so.

Station defense Heroic (SDT3)

SDT3 Objecitves & spawns

Welcome to the strike that you'll grind for most of your T3 gear. As you might have noticed from the Pirate hideout Heroic strike, station defense also went to the gym and got buff. All 4 beacons now spawn frigates, 2 frigs for beacon 2 and 3, 1 command ship and 1 frig for beacon 1 and 4 (Marked with F). These will do major damage to the station, resulting in them able to burn it down rather fast. In addition to a large boss wave that if uncontested, will wipe the station off the map. On top of that, SDT3 is the only strike that features epic enemies, all frigates and command ships are tougher and stronger than what you are most likely used too.

SDT3 Tactics

Similar tactic as to station defense tier 2, but this time you'll need focus down beacon 1 and 4 if you're with few members or with low gear loadouts. If you don't tackle at least one of these spawns, they will burn down the station rather fast. If you're in a group and your gear isn't on point, you only have one goal to really keep in mind: Focus down your beacon. Most of the time a high-end player will join the strike, they will most likely destroy a beacon or two before getting into position for the boss wave. Your one and only task in this strike is taking down your assigned beacon. Enemies can be ignored since they are not needed for the strike objectives. If your beacon is destroyed, move in towards the boss wave to assist and do some damage to help your group mates out. Make sure your escort units and strike craft are either moved away from enemies or docked when they are targeted by too many enemies.

SDT3 Solo clearing

Solo clearing SDT3 is similar to its T2 variant, a race against the clock aka the stations' health. But since we're dealing with command ships spawning at beacons 1 and 4, you'll need to prioritize those two first. On spawning into the strike, move to beacon 4, destroy it and the enemies that have spawned. Then go straight through the middle to beacon 1, destroy the spawns and beacon. After this go to 3 followed by 2. This way both command ships spawns are dealt with, leaving only the softer frigates for your fleet. You can still leave a T3 destroyer at the station to help defend it and stall for extra time. The boss wave is buffed up compared to T2, so you'll need to play it smart. You can try to lure off a few ships from the outsides off the enemy formation, but you don't have much time before the bulk of the forces make their way to the station. This is very much a brawl so a tanky unit like a destroyer and battlecruiser can really help you stand toe to toe with the boss. Keep in mind that these are all epic enemies, so don't underestimate them.

Pahra's rock (PRT2)

PRT2 Objectives & spawns

Although the image might seem overwhelming, let me break it down. The main and only objective of PRT2, is to destroy the pirate base (marked with O). That's it, turrets don't have to be destroyed not is there a boss wave for you to deal with. The base is your goal and destroying it will complete the strike. Now as you might have noticed by all the red markers, there is quite a lot preventing you from simply blasting the base. It is surrounded by various turrets on all sides, the 4 flanks will keep spawning frigates and strike craft until the base is destroyed and when the base gets enough hull damage, additional pockets of enemies will spawn into the instance (80% hull for R1, 60% for R2 and 40% for R3).

PRT2 Tactics Flanking part 1

There are multiple methods to complete this strike, but the community have found a preferred method to minimize risk and casualties. This tactic is using the weakness in the turrets' formation and spawning points, by forming up on the bottom right of the base and attacking it from an angle. This way the top left turrets will be out of range, and most reinforcing fleets will be out of your range. The big issue here is tanking the initial damage of all the active turrets' and spawning fleets, so Let's do a quick (re)introduction of agro mechanics:

PRT2 Agro & healing

Agro mechanics can be a bit weird, since there is nothing like 'tank stance', enmity or threat lvls. The AI seems to do one of these two things: It'll attack the first visible target withing their sensor range. Secondly the AI will go foaming at the mouth and go berserk at any unit repairing another unit. Resource collectors that are repairing will be met with a swift death and flagships that have a repair module (that is actively repairing a unit) will be focused down by all units in range. Due to these two things, you can send in a very tanky unit like a destroyer or a player in a battlecruiser in first to take the initial hits. For the BC player to keep the agro and act as the 'tank' for the strike, they'll need a repair module on their ship with a target to repair, to keep this agro. For anyone that does not want to take the hits, it is highly advised to remove the repair modules on your flagship.

Even when your flagship is down, your service to Hiigara doesn't end. Other players in your instance can 'revive' you but pressing your flagship and issuing a salvage command. This can be done in a 1 minute and 30 second time span after a flagship gets disabled. This can only be done two times per player in that instance, after the time period is over or the two revives have been expended, the player can no longer be revived. They are still able to get the reward when staying in the instance, but their flagship can no longer attack the enemy. AKA even in death you still serve.

PRT2 Tactics Flanking part 2

Now with the agro mechanics explained, we have a perfect way to engage the pirate base. By sending a tanky unit like a destroyer or a battlecruiser first, it can tank the initial hits of the turrets and the present enemies. When a player sends in a unit, the rest of the group should follow right after it to engage the enemy. The big damage dealers in the field are the frigates and turrets, target down the frigates first and the bottom right turrets to make an opening for the base. When those three turrets are down, you can engage the base and burn it down. Use your flagship to destroy any other new frigate spawns that might come in. When the base reaches 80% hull, a group will spawn at point R1, this is a single pocket of enemies including a couple of frigates. Once destroyed they don't spawn anymore. They will try to engage you after a few seconds of spawning. At 60% hull a smaller group will spawn at R2, this one is close to the group fleets, so be careful not to be out of position as they can spawn on top of you. Lastly a big wave of frigates and a command ship will spawn at R3 at 40% hull. You don't want to engage it as they do massive damage, burn down the base as fast as you can when that group spawns.

A quick tip before destroying the base. When its destroyed you'll get a reward screen that might be laggy for your game, resulting in potential losses of strike craft. Just before the base is destroyed, issue a dock all command from your flagship so your squads make their way back to safety before this screen pops up.

PRT2 Solo clearing

To solo PRT2 is to have patience and fast reaction. You want to dock your squads as fast as you can when they take damage, micro your flagship and escorts to target down frigates as soon as you can. When you take critical damage, move away from the base the same direction you came in and destroy any following enemies. After those are dealt with, you have all the time in the world to repair up your fleet en re-engage the enemy. Do this multiple times if needed, if you want to clear all turrets and destroy the reinforcing fleets is up to your build. If you can tank the damage whilst burning down the base, just keep focusing it down. If not, destroy more turrets and frigates to make yourself some breathing room. Repeat till the base is down.

Pahra's rock Heroic (PRT3)

PRT3 Objectives & spawns

If you thought the burning of Kharak was bad, I welcome you to Phara's rock Heroic, devourer of strike craft, destroyer of fleets and top producer of salt in the Nimbus galaxy. As you can see from the image, it is even more red than before. Turret count has been doubled, enemies are on steroids and there are a lot more frigates, and I mean A LOT more frigates. On first contact you can meet up to 12 to 14 enemy frigates in a short period of time, with a very fast respawn time. The bottom left and top right spawning zones will spawn two frigates at once, whilst the bottom right and top left will have one. Taking in account the reinforcing fleets when the base gets on low hull, the bottom right seems to still be the best angle of attack.

PRT3 Tactics Flanking

Although similar to PRT2, this time your micro needs to be on point. Even well upgraded epic strike craft will meet their demise at the turret network of this base, flagships and escorts will be eaten by the amount of frigates that spawn. A consensus of the community is to do the strike in three phases: Phase 1, send in a tank unit in first to take agro and kill off All incoming frigates. These will do most of the damage in this strike so dealing with them first is your best move. Phase 2, destroy the turrets within your angle, so the two on the Bottom right, middle right and bottom middle. This will make an opening for phase 3, which is to burn down the base, and protect yourself from the incoming frigates and reinforcements. Docking all strike craft before the base goes down is highly recommended, since this strike can become quite laggy. Most squads seem to be lost at the beginning of the strike due to not letting someone take agro, or due to the lag at the end. If you see a unit take damage, dock it right away.

Remember that when your flagship is downed, your allies can still revive you and if the strike is completed you'll still get rewards. Don't jump out when you're downed unless your escorts or strike craft are in danger.

PRT3 Solo clearing

Now with all that said, PRT3 is very hard for a group as it is. But with enough time on your hands it is do-able solo. Problem is that even with a near min-maxed build, the time needed to do it solo is not efficient, so only do this for the fun of it and not to farm the strike itself. I recommend going with a T3 carrier, the highest rarity destroyer you have, an epic torpedo frigate and at least 10x epic corvettes and 10x rare resource collectors (with a few spares in the hold in the case you need them). The mix of a destroyer with all that dps allows you to destroy a couple of turrets, before retreating back outside of the range (around the form-up point) for repairs. Depending on your setup you can take down 2 or 3 turrets before repairs are needed, if your loadout is not up to snuff, even one turret down will result into a slow but steady victory.

By setting a guard order on your epic torp, you fleet can perform various goals at the same time. At first, send in your destroyer in to take agro from the enemies, followed close by the rest of your fleet. Once in range, place your torpedo frigate as close to a turret as you can and manually attack with it. Your destroyer and flagship on the other hand need to manually attack the incoming frigates to keep them at bay. Because your strike craft are guarding the torpedo frigate, they will both help with the turrets and any incoming enemy strike craft / frigates. This will help with both of your objectives as to stall for time and destroy the turrets to make progress.

Take out as many turrets as you deem necessary, if you're comfortable with the incoming damage, you can start attacking the pirate base itself. Keep in mind that at 80%, 60% and 40% hull there will be reinforcement fleets that will be ready to mess you up. You can use this info in two ways. Either you trigger a fleet and destroy it, since it wont respawn you can permanently remove them from the field. The second way is to damage to base just above 80% hull, repair your fleet to full, and focus the base down with your entire fleet. This will likely result into your flagship getting downed, and if you're not fast enough the destruction of your squads and escorts. Do keep in mind that dock all command still works when you're downed, and should be used when the base is low or your flagship is near death. When the base is downed, manually move your units to the edge of the map (near the form up point) to save yourself some extra damage from the standing turrets.