Unoffical Open Beta Guide

Last Updated: Thursday, July 20, 2023 14:31:24 (UTC)

Intermediate products / parts

Parts are needed for most construction processes. It is highly advised to invest into fabrication cost reduction officers to get a discount on all blueprints.

Once you get into T3 parts production, you will need a new resource type called **gas** (**GU**), that comes in E, F, G and H varieties. This can be found from several sources:

- E, F & G Gas is avialable from the various faction liaison requistion shops sell and you can buy 4 packs of 250 gas per day (Iyatequa for E, Tanoch for F, and Yaot have for G).

- H Gas is available from the Prestige market.

- H Gas is available from the travelling trader.

- E, F & G Gas is available from some Amassari salvage

At T4, another resource type called **composites** (**CU**) are be introduced. These are created by refining **crystals** with T4 REs. Crystals are currently available from:

Composites are avialable from:


Part nameLocation FoundCost
Small Electronics Parts IIIMarket590K Credits
Small Electronics Parts IVMarket990K Credits
Small Hull Parts IIMarket49K Credits
Small Hull Parts IIISide quest - 'Exploration' (Exploration I, Exploration II and Exploration III)490K Credits
Small Hull Parts IVMarket900K Credits
Small Machinery Parts IIMarket349K Credits
Small Machinery Parts IIISide quest - 'Combat' (Combat I, Combat II and Combat III)490K Credits
Small Machinery Parts IVMarket900K Credits
Small Weapon Parts IIMarket349K Credits
Small Weapon Parts IIISide quest - 'Production' (Production I, Production II and Production III)490K Credits
Small Weapon Parts IVMarket900K Credits
Large Electronics Parts IIIIyatequa liaison requisitions - reputation 3
Large Electronics Parts IVIyatequa liaison requisitions - reputation 71.49M Credits
Large Hull Parts IIMarket390K Credits
Large Hull Parts IIIYaot liaison requisitions - reputation 3
Large Hull Parts IVYaot liaison requisitions - reputation 101.29M Credits
Large Machinery Parts IIIyatequa liaison requisitions - reputation 1 (Unlocked at the start)
Large Machinery Parts IIIIyatequa liaison requisitions - reputation 3
Large Machinery Parts IVAmassari liaison requisitions - reputation 11.29M Credits
Large Weapons Parts IITanoch liaison requisitions - reputation 1 (Unlocked at the start)
Large Weapons Parts IIITanoch liaison requisitions - reputation 3
Large Weapons Parts IVTanoch liaison requisitions - reputation 101.29M Credits

Build requirements

Part nameMaterial 1Quantity 1Material 2Quantity 2Material 3Quantity 3
Small Electronics Parts IIIRU D III2RU D II2GU H III1
Small Electronics Parts IVCU DU IV1Small Electronics Parts III1GU H IV2
Small Hull Parts IIRU A II2RU A I1RU M 02
Small Hull Parts IIIRU A III2Small Hull Parts II2GU E III1
Small Hull Parts IVCU AR IV1Small Hull Parts III1GU E IV2
Small Machinery Parts IIRU C II2RU C I1RU M 02
Small Machinery Parts IIIRU C III2Small Machinery Parts II2GU G III1
Small Machinery Parts IVCU CT IV1Small Machinery Parts III1GU G IV2
Small Weapon Parts IIRU B II2RU B I1RU M 02
Small Weapon Parts IIIRU B III2Small Weapon Parts II2GU F III1
Small Weapon Parts IVCU BS IV1Small Weapon Parts III1GU F IV2
Large Electronics Parts IIIRU D III3RU D II4GU H III2
Large Electronics Parts IVCU DU IV2Large Electronic Parts III1GU H IV3
Large Hull Parts IIRU A II3RU A I2RU M 03
Large Hull Parts IIIRU A III4Large Hull Parts II2GU E III2
Large Hull Parts IVCU AR IV2Large Hull Parts III1GU E IV4
Large Machinery Parts IIRU C II3RU C I2RU M 03
Large Machinery Parts IIIRU C III4Large Machinery Parts II2GU G III2
Large Machinery Parts IVCU CT IV2Large Machinery Parts III1GU G IV4
Large Weapon Parts IIRU B II3RU B I2RU M 03
Large Weapon Parts IIIRU B III4Large Weapon Parts II2GU F III2
Large Weapon Parts IVCU BS IV2Large Weapon Parts III1GU F IV4