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Welcome to the Homeworld mobile tips, tricks and data document! In this document you'll see a bunch of data for gear and its drop locations, locations in the game, quick summary of the hostile units and a (incomplete but still large) list of the officers in the game and an explanation of what they do. Disclaimer for the data that has been used, this is mainly from community members who have been playing across multiple versions of the game. Not all drop locations might be the same as they once were, so use this document is a guideline, not the hard truth.

This game is still in development, expect bugs and stability issues. A majority of the issues can be fixed by restarting the game client, so as always, 'have you tried turning it off and on again?' works most of the time

If there are any issues with the document or you've found relevant data, please @Dalco in the discord or send me a DM (Dalco#0413). I'll try to keep this doc up-to-date as soon as I can. (Offical Homeworld mobile discord: )

Most questions that players have, are already answered in the discord. Use the search function or Ctrl + F with a few keywords of your questions, and you'll most likely find the answer. Also, check out the #tips-and-tricks channel posts for additional info. For bug-reporting, check out the pin posted for the right format and see the #known-issues channel to avoided duplicate reports.

For the sake of convenience, there is a FAQ tab with what we've perceived as the most common questions asked both in game as in the discord. If you've a question, see if it pops-up there. If not ask away in global chat or in the #game-discussion channel.

Some stats and drop location are not added into the document, the reason for this is that there is currently no method to determine the base stats of units. So until this can be showed, stats wont be added.

If you want to download the data behind this site, there is a Google drive excel sheet available at:

Sections Overview

As of now, the document has the following tabs:


Frequently Asked Questions, if you've a question about the game, begin here. It also has multiple tips that will help you with your career.


guides about the different strikes, objectives, tactics, recommendations and solo-clearing guide.


Images of all available ship models currently in the game


List of all available flagships, escorts and strike craft in the game, few notes on them and drop location.


List of all enemies in the game, what there strength and weaknesses are. Also has a list of neutral / friendly npc's


A list of most officers in the game, and an explanation of what stats do, abilities and passive perks, best placement for them and how to level them up.


A list of all side-missions in the game.


List of all available flagship modules, few notes on them and drop location.


A short introduction to scanning missions, and a farming route for epic signal missions


List of available intermediate parts and where to get them (small and large components).


An overview of all systems in the game, if they have a trading station or asteroid belt and side notes.

As a little ending / credits, I want to thank the various community members for helping with collecting data, providing feedback and advertising the document / website.

Discords / communities

Outdated projects that are a (few) game versions behind

Homeworld 3

Older Homeworld titles